Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off-comic: Geocities


So I've been away for the past however long. Apologies for the lack of updates; was busy having a kid.

GeoCities shut down recently, and xkcd redesigned its front page to look like something Randall probably actually designed fifteen years ago. (I know I did.) Fans retaliate by vandalizing the GeoCities article. Multiple times.

Your frustration is understandable, xkcd fans, but this is not the way to express it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

588: Pep Rally

Pep Rally

This is a perfect example of an xkcd that will immediately be converted into Wiki vandalism. If you look at the history, you'll notice multiple attempts to shoehorn the xkcd comic into the article. The edit linked above is particularly great because one user corrects someone's "rally's" with a wonderful "ralliess."

Probably unrelated to xkcd, but I found this edit amusing as well.

(Side note: The final line of the comic still has the extra comma: "Why are we doing this, rally, again?")

Monday, October 5, 2009

645: RPS

Reverse Polish notation

Just when I thought xkcd readers had been cured of their vandalistic tendencies forever, a reverse Polish notation joke comes along, a target too tempting to be ignored.

By the way, why in the world would you put the link in the "See Also" section? There's an "External Links" section just below. The difference between the two is that "See Also" is a list of related Wikipedia articles, while "External Links" contains, you know, external links. Come on, you're not even trying to get it right.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

446: Wood

There is a rich history of xkcd-related Wikipedia vandalism... just not very much this week. Sometimes the world is not just.

Anyway, let's dig back into the archives. You might remember Wood, the xkcd comic about an "In Popular Culture" section on Wikipedia's "Wood" article. Well, guess what happened after that comic was posted...

"This has nothing to do with xkcd."
"XKCD rules!" You are a terrible person!
The page becomes protected
"XKCD is great; trying to make real life like xkcd isn't necessarily the greatest (http://xkcd.com/325/)." Great quote, appropriate comic.

There are of course pages of awful xkcd-related edits to this page.