Thursday, October 1, 2009

446: Wood

There is a rich history of xkcd-related Wikipedia vandalism... just not very much this week. Sometimes the world is not just.

Anyway, let's dig back into the archives. You might remember Wood, the xkcd comic about an "In Popular Culture" section on Wikipedia's "Wood" article. Well, guess what happened after that comic was posted...

"This has nothing to do with xkcd."
"XKCD rules!" You are a terrible person!
The page becomes protected
"XKCD is great; trying to make real life like xkcd isn't necessarily the greatest (" Great quote, appropriate comic.

There are of course pages of awful xkcd-related edits to this page.


  1. You forgot how, following the advice of xkcd, people started creating an article "In popular culture". With an "in popular culture" section, of course.


  2. Oh man, that's great. I'm front paging that.