Monday, May 10, 2010

738: Operation

Yes, I'm lazy.

But more importantly, someone thought this would be funny. Tell me which is more appalling!


  1. Wow, I just found this site and I never liked XKCD or understood its rabid fanbase.

    But this type of behavior is really disgusting. Thanks for writing this blog, I honestly don't think it'll stop the vandalism, but I'm still glad this is up here.

  2. I tried to get this into Wikipedia:

    Childish vandalism on my part? Perhaps. And I'll admit I didn't do much to wikify it (RS, NPOV, all that jazz). But it's enough of an issue that there is a metapage about it on Wikipedia (

    Randall seems to be pretty reasonable about all this: The fanboys just need to keep reading that comic until it sinks in.

  3. Welp, they already deleted the Malamanteau article.

    That implies that not only did some deranged XKCD fan think that they needed to create this article, but someone else immediately realized that they would make this article and went ahead and deleted it.